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The last day of CVI Ermelo 2022!

What an amazing weekend it was! The competitions were exciting with a lot of action and the atmosphere was great. It was really nice to finally see everyone again in Ermelo after two years. We have seen some high class performances today, starting with the Pas de Deux CVIJ2* and we ended the day with the CVI3* squad competition. Congratulations to all winners! 

CVIJ2* competition male individuals  Sam Dos Santos (NED) 8.915
CVIJ2* competition female individuals Lily Warren (GER) 8.570
CVIJ2* competition squad Juniorteam Oldenburg (GER) 8.314

CVIY2* Female individual  Michelle Brugger (SUI) 7.924

CVIY2* Male individual  Ruben Delaunay (FRA) 7.677

CVI3* competition female individuals Manon Moutinho (FRA) 8.954
CVI3* competition male individuals Lambert Leclezio (FRA) 8.819

CVI2* competition female individuals Chiara Plate (GER) 7.260

CVIJ2* Pas de Deux Elena HERTER / Jasmine HORAT (SUI) 7.472
CVI3* Pas des Deux Chiara CONGIA / Justin VAN GERVEN (GER) 8.451

CVI2* competition squad RFZV St. H. Herne 1 (GER) 6.930
CVI3* competition squad Team Norka VV Koln Dunnwald (GER) 8.966


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The second day of CVI Ermelo 2022!

We have seen some great freestyles today. Starting with the CVIJ2* individual, Lily Warren (GER) and Sam Dos Santos (NED) are taking the lead in this class with a score of 7.787 for Lily and a score of 8.392 for Sam.


Next up was the CVI3* Pas de Deux with Chiara Congia and Justin Van Gerven (GER) in the lead with a amazing score of 8.896. In the CVIJ2* Pas de Deux was only one competing duo Elena Herter and Jasmine Horat (SUI) and they have a score of 7.350.

Early in the afternoon the CVIJ2* squad freestyle took place. In the lead is Juniorteam Oldenburg (GER) with a score of 7.706.

The next freestyle competition was the CVI2* squad. RFZV St. H. Herne 1 (GER) showed a steady freestyle and are in the lead with a 6.714. Team Norka (GER) continues their succes from yesterday and is taking the first lead again with a score of 8.171 In the CVI3* squad competition. Closely followed by Team Lutisburg (SUI) with a score of 7.910. 

Late in the afternoon it was up to the CVI3* individuals to show their technical test. For the female class both Manon Moutinho (FRA) and Alina Ross (GER) are in the lead with a score of 8.074. Lambert Leclezio (FRA) is continuing his succes of yesterday with a score of 8.819.

Next up were the young 2* individuals with the technical test. Diana Harwardt (GER) is ahead with a 8.003 for the female competition and Ruben Delaunay (FRA) is taking the lead with a 7.441 in the male competition.

We finished the evening with CVI2* individual free test. Taking the lead is Chiara Plate (GER) with a score of 7.235

Tomorrow is the final day of CVI Ermelo 2022! We will start with the CVIJ2* Pas de Deux freestyle. See you tomorrow!

First day of CVI Ermelo 2022

The first day of CVI Ermelo 2022

What a long time we have been looking forward to this! Today we started off with the compulsory test for the junior squad CVIJ2*. In the lead of this class is Juniorteam Oldenburg (GER) with a score of 7.275. The CVI2* squad leader is RFZV St. H. Herne 1 (GER) with a 6.754. Team Norka (GER) heads up the CVI3* squad competition with a score of 7.899.

Later this afternoon, the individuals junior 2* competitors came into the arena for the compulsory test. Noemi Licci (SUI) is taking the lead for the females with a 7.695 and Sam Dos Santos (NED) for the males with a 8.258. 

In the beginning of the evening the individual young 2* entered the arena and Diana Harwardt (GER) is ahead with a score of 7.826 for the female competition. Ruben Delaunay (FRA) is leading in the male young 2* competition with a score of 7.324.

For the CVI3* individual female competition Alina Ross (GER) is ahead with a score of 8.366. Followed closely by Pauline Riedl with a 8.346. Lambert Leclezio (FRA) is leading the CVI3* male competition with a great score of 8.947, followed by Thomas Brusewitz (GER) with a 8.660.

The first day of CVI Ermelo 2022 finished with the individual CVI2* female. The leading female in this class is Chiara Plate (GER) with a score of 7.200

Looking forward to another beautiful competition day tomorrow! 

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