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Today we started off with the compulsory test for the junior squad CVIJ2*. In the lead of this class is RV-Nordheim 1 Junior (GER) with a score of 7.283. The CVI2* squad Mainz-Ebersheim 1 (GER) is at the moment in the leading position with a 6.267. Team Norka VV Koln-Dunnwald (GER) heads up the CVI3* squad competition with a 7.426.

Later this morning, the Pas de Deux CVIJ2* competitors came into the arena with their freestyle performance. The pas de deux Diana Harwardt and Peter Kunne (GER) performed a steady and good freestyle and are in the leading position with an 8.324. The senior CVI3* Pas De Deux leaders are Jasmin Glahn and Mara Marschall (GER), they scored a 6.898.

In the individual female class CVIJ2* Alina Ross (GER) showed an excellent compulsory test and leads with a 7.963. Philipp Stippel (GER) is at the moment in the leading position in the CVIJ2* male class with a 7.448.

For the CVI2* female competition Nathalie Dohnert (GER) is ahead with a score of 7.357. Followed by Lauren Vanlerberghe (BEL) with a 7.138. Fynn Bading (GER) is leading in the male CVI2* with a 6.851.

The first day of CVI Ermelo 2018 finished with the individual CVI3* male and female. Lambert Leclezio (FRA) is in the lead with an 8.583 and in the female competition, Janika Derks (GER) had a great score of 8.448.

Tomorrow we will start the day with the Pas de Deux CVIJ2* and CVI2* freestyles and we will follow with the CVI2* freestyle individuals.


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