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Second day at CVI Ermelo 2019

 This morning we started the first round of CVIJ2* freestyle Pas des Deux in the lead with a score of 7.258 are Jana BARTSCHI and Alicia BARTSCHI (SUI). Next class was the CVI3* Pas des Deux, in the leading position are Chiara CONGIA  and Justin VAN GERVEN (GER) with a score of 8.323. 

 The next competition class was the CVIJ2* Squad after round one RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen (GER) leads with a  score of 7.140. Ingelsberg 1 (GER) leads the CVI3* squad competition with a score of a 7.850. 

After the first round of the CVIJ2* female Samira Garius (SUI) takes first place with a score of 8.166. Simon Stolz (GER) leads after the first round in the CVIJ2* male competition with a score of 6.909. 

The last competition of today was the CVI3* Individuals. Pauline Riedl (GER) leads after the Technical test with a 7.560. By the male competition is in leading position Juan Martin Clavijo (COL) with a score of 8.136. 

Tomorrow the final day of CVI Ermelo 2019 will start at 9.00 am with the CVIJ2* freestyle Pas des Deux followed by the freestyle tests of the CVI3* Pas des Deux, CVI3* Individuals, CVIJ2* Individuals, CVIJ2* Squads and the CVI3* Squads. 

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